Functional Race results Table Usage


To use filter for any particular column, please type in the text boxes above the table column headers, the races result table should automatically update to reflect your filtered requirements.



Input Description
lex Type text to filter matches (i.e filter for anyone that has the name Alex, Alexandrra, ...
<=10 Values lower than or equal to search term are matched (ie. Top 10 runners)
> 5 && < 20 Get all the value between a certain range
>100 Values greater than search term are matched (i.e List runners from over 100th position)
=Toni || Simon List multple filters (can be useful to compare with your rivals)
>21:00 Return all race time more than 21 minutes
W You may be able to filter out all woman's results by "W"
=W40||W45||W50 To filter all woman's results at the Age Categories specified
!SW && !W35 Excludes all woman in the specified category
(NB: also filter "W" in the first column, you could get all woman at W40 and above)
Select  Select Drop Down box to filter for selection (i.e Select Eton M for our club runners)
Clear Filters Click on the button on the top-right of the table to Reset all your changes


 We can combine multiple filters to narrow down our search, for example to get all woman's result but excluding those in the age category SW and W35, you could combine the following two filters

1 Filter by all woman "W" on the first column, then 

2 Filter with !SW && !W35 on the age graded column (this change  is effectively the same as =W40||W50||W55||W60||W70 but much more to type in)



By excluding younger members W40 and above, runners can compete for top positions at a level playing field. Now the top three fastest woman in Eton Manor are in a positions 5, 8 and 9. 

Handicap Table Filter

The Handicap results can sorted by it's table header by clicking on the column name, i.,e if you click on the Net Time you can find out who is actually faster than you in a non-handicap race

Working Progress

We would like to get a dynamic column that shows our position in a filtered table. For example, without counting we could easily see our relative position within your own club.

Much harder would be to create a race result table with all our history race performances. If implemented,  this  feature should only be accessible by registered eton manor runners only.