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Love to Run!

Free, fun running programme to take you from

0-5k in 9 weeks

The next programme begins in January 2019


Love2Run is Eton Manor AC's 0-5k running programme. It aims to take you from no running to completing a 5k distance in 9 weeks. The programme is suitable for anyone aged 16+ who is either a beginner or returning to running. We offer you the opportunity to run in a safe and sociable environment while running/jogging with others of a similar ability. All our sessions are led by qualified run leaders and assistants and are free to take part in.


Key features:

  • Love2Run is a 9-week programme aimed at people aged 16+ wanting to get into running or return to running.

  • Love2Run follows a similar programme to the 'Couch to 5k' programme. It is based on running three times a week. The Club offers two sessions (Monday track session and Thursday Clubhouse session) at 7.30 pm for up to an hour. It is fine if you are only able to attend one session, but you should aim to do the others independently, following the training programme that you will be given.

  • Love2Run participants are led on local routes and/or a track session.

  • Anyone who completes the 9-week programme and their nominated 5k run will receive a medal to mark their achievement.

  • After completing the Love2Run programme, participants are welcome to continue running with the Club to help maintain and/or improve their current fitness level.

  • All runs are led by members of Eton Manor AC who are UK Athletics qualified Run Leaders, along with other Club volunteers.

  • The Love2Run programme is free to runners attending the Clubhouse session and we hope to be able to continue providing free track sessions too (subject to agreement with the Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre). Club fees apply post Love2Run for those continuing to run with the Club.

  • The Love2Run programme usually takes place once a year - dates will be advertised on our website.

  • Still Love2Run is our 'bolt-on' 5-10k programme, which we also aim to offer  once a year dependent on interest from Love2Run graduates. This will follow on from the Love2Run programme.

  • Love2Run participants are offered the opportunity to join a What's App group, so they can support each other in between sessions. The group support is absolutely key to your success and the social gains are just as important as the physical ones.

  • No special kit is needed, just a pair of roadworthy running trainers (and for women, a sports bra really helps!)

  • The 5k target run is usually a local Parkrun http://www.parkrun.org.uk/ - these are fabulous free, timed 5k runs held at 9 am on Saturdays in locations all over the country. We usually do the Hackney Marshes Parkrun.


To book your place for the next Love2Run session register on our RunTogether pages 


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