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Still Love to Run!

Our free*, fun running programme to take you from 5-10k in 11 weeks

Takes place annually January - April

Enrolment for Still Love2Run in 2019 is now open!

If you're comfortable running 5K and would like to join our free 11 week course to help you progress to a 10K distance, find out more and sign up!

Sessions are open for registration now. Simply book your first session here on the Run Together website.

Eton Manor AC's 5-10K running programme that has got hundreds of local people running and reaching their goal. It aims to take you from running 5K at any pace - whether you've recently achieved the 5K milestone or have kept a 30 minute baseline of cardio fitness for a while - to completing a 10K distance in 11 weeks.

Who is it for?

The programme is suitable for anyone aged 16+ who is currently able to run 5K.

Still Love to Run offers the opportunity to run in a safe and sociable environment while running/jogging with others of similar abilities, led by qualified Run Leaders and volunteers from our club. How fast you can run is not important - no one is too slow!

How does it work?

The Still Love to Run programme is based on running three times a week. Two of those are offered as led group sessions on Monday and Thursday evenings at 7.30pm for up to an hour. Your third session should be run independently, but often can be coordinated with other runners from the group to run locally together. 

If you're only able to attend one of the led sessions each week, or even only attend occasionally for led support, but are able to follow the programme and complete sessions independently, don't worry - you're still welcome to join. The training programme will be given to you to follow, with advice available from our leaders and other runners whenever you need it.

Each week, the runs will progress to extend your endurance by running for slightly longer periods of time and distance. Your 10K target run event will take place at the beginning of September. The target run event and location will be agreed with the group at the beginning of the programme, usually at a local event where you can take part together.

Is it free?

Yes - we work hard to keep Still Love to Run free of charge each year, led by our brilliant club volunteers and licensed Run Leaders.

How do I book my place?

The next edition of the programme is open for registration now. Simply book your first session here on the Run Together website.

For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Love to Run is supported by London Borough of Waltham Forest, Better (GLL) at Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre and England Athletics through Run Together.

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