1. Club Constitution

2. Code of Conduct

3. Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults



The club constitution is a written document that states the rules and structures that govern the club. It outlines the functions of the club and the procedures for membership, meetings and committees. A club constitution is usually required for funding and/or grants.



Ratified at AGM on 10 November 2016

1. The club shall be called the “Eton Manor Athletic Club” and its members shall be amateurs as defined by the Laws of the Amateur Athletic Association and the Women’s Amateur Athletic Association.

2. The object of the club shall be the promotion of amateur athletics.

3. The management of the club shall be vested in a committee, the composition of which shall be:

4. In accordance with the latest Committee posts for voting roles. This presently includes General Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Ladies’ Team Captain, Men’s Team Captain, Ladies’ Team Deputy Captain, Men’s Team Deputy Captain, Head Coach, Communications Officer.

5. The committee shall have the power to add to its numbers if necessary during the year, with any such additions being ratified by members at the next Annual or Special General Meeting (AGM / SGM). All decisions of the committee on matters concerning management of the club or in the case of any dispute shall be final and binding on all members of the club. The committee members are elected at the AGM for a term of one year, and must resign at the following AGM. They may stand for re-election.

6. The committee shall meet periodically during the year, a minimum of four times per annum in addition to the AGM. Minutes of these meetings are to be made available to members both by display at the club headquarters and upon request by individual members. A minimum of five committee members are required for meetings to be quorate. Decisions at quorate Committee Meetings will be made by majority votes of committee members present. Scheduling and documentation of meetings is to be the responsibility of the General Secretary. The committee may authorise other club members for specific tasks or roles, on behalf of the membership, by inviting volunteers through written notice, or at the AGM. This process will enable such additional volunteers to be recompensed for any material expenses those roles may entail. The committee may withdraw its authorisation if it is deemed in the best interests of the club membership to do so.

7. The financial year of the club shall end on the 30th September. Production of the annual accounts is the responsibility of the Treasurer.

8. The AGM of the club shall be no later than 30th November following the financial year end. Members must be given at least seven days’ notice of the meeting date, time and venue, e.g. via their inclusion on the club fixtures card. Agendas (General Secretary) and Annual Accounts (Treasurer) for the meeting are to be made available at club headquarters at least seven days prior to the meeting. To allow for the production of these documents the AGM will not be before the third Tuesday of October.

9. The Annual Accounts of the club that have been produced by the Treasurer shall be presented to the AGM for approval by members present.

10. The election of members shall be entirely in the hands of the committee. The committee shall have the power to refuse or withdraw membership without giving reason. In such cases, refunds of subscriptions are at the discretion of the committee.

11. Adult membership subscriptions become due 1st January and shall be at the rate agreed by the preceding AGM. Subscriptions for men and women shall be at the same rate. New members joining after 30th June pay 50% of the annual rate for the remainder of that year. Unemployed members and those aged 17-20 do not have to pay. Adult subscription also includes a small cash payment in any week of attendance, at a rate set by the AGM, appropriate to the current costs of providing the club facilities.

12. The Membership Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining membership records. Any member wishing to resign from the club shall give written notice to the membership secretary, this can be at anytime however any membership money paid over will not be returned. 13. On receiving a requisition signed by at least ten members, the General Secretary shall call within twenty-eight days a Special General Meeting, at which fifteen shall form a quorum. Notices requirements are as for the AGM.

14. A 75% majority of committee members is required to make, alter or rescind any of these rules and regulations. Any such changes must be ratified by members at the next AGM/SGM. Proposals for rule changes from members must be sent to the General Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting, and will be itemised as a separate agenda item. Rule changes cannot be actioned under “Any other business.”

15. A copy of these rules and regulations shall be displayed at club HQ.

16. The committee shall have the power to expel any member whose subscription is six months in arrears provided a month’s notice in writing has been sent to their last known address informing them of the committee’s proposed action.

17. Any member infringing the laws of the AAA or WAAA, or any rule or regulation of the club, may be expelled from the club by majority vote of the committee. In such cases, the accused member shall be given seven days’ notice of the intended action and be entitled to represent themselves to the committee.

18. In recognition of there being limited club membership overlap between road and cross country running activities, and young athlete and track and field activities, the post of Junior (young athletes) Team Officer and Track and Field Secretary should form the core of a subcommittee responsible for the administration, fundraising and sports development planning of under 17’s and track and field activities.


19. Any club championships will be held in conjunction with any such event as the committee may from time to time decide.

20. All members are eligible to compete in all club handicaps.

21. A perpetual trophy, known as the Les Golding Cup, is awarded to and held for one year by the Ladies’ winner of the winter cross-country season for most appearances.

22. A perpetual trophy is awarded to and held for one year by the winners of both the Men’s and Ladies’ Assembly League handicap, held over the summer season.

23. The committee shall be entitled to award such further trophies or prizes and to limit those awards to those classes of persons or persons as it in its discretion shall think fit.

24. The committee shall be further entitled to withdraw, change or modify any such trophies or prizes awarded as it shall think fit.