Dear Manorites,

Thank you for signing up for Still Love 2 Run’s 10K training plan! I joined the club 2 years ago with the SL2R programme and now I find myself writing a schedule for you as I’m training to become a Running Coach!

The training plan for the 10K run is about building stamina, strength and endurance, underpinned by a greater understanding of technique. This way you will be able to run more comfortably. An awareness of technique and pacing strategies will help you to avoid injury and enable you to run in a more efficient way (meaning results without discomfort – all being well…!). With a solid foundation, you’ll be ready for race day and any future goals you might wish to aim for!

Please ensure you have running shoes / insoles that are suitable for your individual needs. To avoid injury, it is vitally important you have appropriate footwear. Please also be aware that running shoes might not look worn out in appearance, but they still need replacing so you can benefit from the supportive, cushioned properties.

Recording your training in a little notebook or on this training schedule is an excellent way to chart progress and boost your confidence. If you can see all the hard work you’ve put in, you’ll feel all the more proud of your achievements and extra-confident come race day!

To enter our target event, the Great Newham Run on Sunday 2nd July, please visit:

Eton Manor will be supporting you all the way, so please always feel you can ask questions in the sessions or via our club email / Facebook.

Up The Manor, good luck everyone!